Shoreditch Village Tower - Евразийская Премия
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Shoreditch Village Tower


The architectural design should base on the human demand and serve for their life. Because of that, this project is proposed according to the research about the quality of housing and the housing problems in the big cities.
The conceptual village proposes the new type of living spaces and the foundation for the vertical urban development. First, it will be a home for a hundred people and the habitat for the other creatures such as butterflies and birds. According to the traditional village, the central will be a market, pub, open space or religious building, where all of the villagers can communicate and relax after the stressful working hours, getting out the busy life of the city. Furthermore, it creates the interaction between human and nature by putting green spaces alternating in the living spaces. The new village will be a part of nature, which is embraced and protected by nature from the air and noise pollution from the city. The green element and neighborhood is the foundation of the village in the future.
‘’ Try to build the future from the material of the past.’’
The whole points of this project mainly focus on giving a new style of housing, which participates in improving the living spaces and the human communities in the modern life. According to the reports about the increase of population in London and the deterioration of the quality of living space, the vertical villages is presented as a future solution with the ability to bring more green spaces into the building as well as the interaction of the neighbor in the residential community. Furthermore, there is the solution for the future construction, which helps to reduce the housing cost and makes it more friendly to the environment. The new architecture design will be a part of nature; the connection of the past, the present and the future, moreover it is the ability to clean air pollution in the city. Improving the quality of human life is the primary task of architectural design.
Finally, we can look at the future and think of the developing potential of vertical villages when all the towers are connected by a system of pedestrian bridges and hanging gardens. The future city is a city in the forest without cars and polluted environment, where humans can live harmoniously in the green spaces.


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Khanh Nguyen