The project of complex landscaping design of the territory residential area River Park - Евразийская Премия
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The project of complex landscaping design of the territory residential area River Park

The task of the project was to make a concept, design and author’s supervision for the residential complex territory (in total 3 stages of living blocks and the territory of the waterfront). The total area of the projects is about 8 hectares. The development and realization of the project took more than 3 years.
The goal, that the project team wanted to reach, was to develop a holistic, complex image of the territory, while enriching each area with its own distinctive elements to form a diverse environment. While working on the waterfront, we tried to make a truly «live» environment. Therefore, we analyzed seasonal activity, age range of visitors, insolation etc. Clear functional division of the waterfront line is expressed in a sequence of public spaces, which each time give to the visitors new experience. In the development of the territory of yards we tried to create not just qualitative landscaping, but to organize private, non-public spaces which coexist with each other and with crowded waterfront.
While working on the design of the 1st stage of residential complex it was important for us to create an accented, rich look that would reflect the philosophy of the next two stages. Green and public spaces were the main topics we wanted to develop in this project. Therefore, in the process of design we analyzed the structure of underground networks on the site, security zones, zones for traffic fire vehicles and distribution of human activity. In the end this information allowed to optimize the territory, to get rid of wastelands, to form good illumination, to add a maximum of green zones and playgrounds.


3 d place


Truhanov Sergey, Brovkin Alexander, Repina Daria, Shishkov Daniel, Oklander Elena, Fedorova Natalia, Struzhkin Anton, Kupriyanov Vladimir




Т+Т Architects