The project renovation of the yard in the residendional complex «Samotsvety Vostoka» in Izhevsk - Евразийская Премия
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The project renovation of the yard in the residendional complex «Samotsvety Vostoka» in Izhevsk

Main problems of site
• Territory of the yard was used for parking, visual discomfort;
• There are little green spaces on site, asphalt surfaces are prevails;
• There are little children’s and sports grounds. Concept There is natural landscape in the system of geometric development. The project proposes to increase the useful greened yard area by cover of structure with plants parking space. One part of the parking will be place under the «folds» of the structure, next part will be cover by structure on columns – There will be sports and children’s playgrounds above it. The greened area of the yard will increase twice. There are green spaces will be under the windows of block of flats instead of boundless parking . There are tall trees will be place in the central part of the structure. There are plants with a horizontal tree root system will place on the structure above the parking. There are circles of different diameters of children’s and sports grounds will be place all around the courtyard. There are 3 age-related children’s zones. Seasonal use The basketball court is used as a ice rink in winter. The relief of structure use as natural hills for sledding. The structure over parking is resolve the problem of snow cleaning.


2 nd place


Yaroslav Usov