Townhouse in the «Blizkiy» club housing estate - Евразийская Премия
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Townhouse in the «Blizkiy» club housing estate

We would like to bring to your attention the two-storey townhouse with the total area of 903.41 m², consisting of 10 units, each being unique both externally and internally. 10 types of space planning design concepts of the area from 67.53 to 111.25 m² suggest both classical and unique types of real estate. The accessible roof, French balcony, double-level second floor, arched window, stained glass panels – each unit emphasizes personality of its dwellers. “Smart layouts” divide the living space into 2 levels – common space on the first floor (kitchen, living room) and private one on the second floor (bedrooms). Each unit has an individual entrance, uniform style fencing for the backyard, parking space, and front yard. Key principles of the architectural concept: 1. Human and architectural scaling: an individual feels commensurable with the house when standing next to it, architecture does not “suppress”. 2. Volume in architecture: the facades are not on the same line; the recessed section alternates with the protracted elements. The volumes are visible when there are sunshine and casting shadows. 3. Detailing: the façade of each unit is unique so that the dwellers can preserve their personality (classical brick façade, Southern architecture, modern materials, accessible roof or arched window). 4. Involvement of the dwellers (engagement) in landscaping and on-site improvements. Semi-private space in front of each unit (potential arrangement of front yards, bicycle parking places and benches by the dwellers). Height of the ceilings on the 1st and the 2nd floors of the townhouse: 3 meters (or 5.35 for the double-level 2nd floor) Construction technology and materials: – Foundation with standard foundation blocks on the solid-cast pad – Load-bearing walls made of Poromax clay block – Built-in bituminous roofing on the wooden rafter system – Materials used for façade decoration: Belgian hand-moulded bricks manufactured by Wienerberger concern, decorative plaster, Cedral fiber cement siding “Blizkiy” club housing estate is a modern private business class housing estate with the area of 9.75 ha being a part of “Blizkiy” residential estate (Krasnodar, Krasnykh Partizan St, ¼). It comprises two-storey townhouses, duplexes and cottages, all built based on a single architectural concept. The spacious territory with modern conveniences are designed for 250 families. Terms of design and implementation: 2016 – draft design 2016 – design 2017 – building.


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Dagaeva Julia, Lead Architect, Mishchenko Elena, Shepeleva Xenia, Ryzhkova Olga Dorokhov Alexander, Simonyan Armen, Ilyuschenko Maxim, Kazachenko Oleg, Maksimenko Roman