Eclectic house - Евразийская Премия
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Eclectic house

Luxurious mansion in New Moscow. Large adjacent zone with buildings and well-kept garden. Facade is clad in aged brick in herring-bone pattern, with decorations of chamotte tiles with heraldry pattern. For molded decorations, fibrous concrete with brick texture was used. Wooden glass envelope units with bronze facade section. Roof overhang is boarded with wooden siding with beams. The house is comfortable and reflects the status of its owner, with attributes of luxurious life. Fireplace hall with second-level space, second-level space ceiling clad in wood. Fireplace clad in natural bush-hammered tufa in accordance with drawings of Impression Industry. Besides, tufa was used in cladding of lobby, ledges, plinths and casing molding. Hamam is clad in mosaic marble and travertine. For the interior, it was determined to use only natural and reliable materials and technologies, and, as a result, common-usage areas were clad in wooden boiserie panels up to the ceiling. Partially, panels are covered by wallpaper, while in the restroom wooden panels are used along with natural marble. All woodwork and in-build furniture were specially designed, since boiserie panels functionally mask location of in-built furniture and technical revision hatchways. Nodes and joints of wooden structures were specially designed taking into consideration perimeter and functional content of the interior. Floor covering: natural clay rubbed with teak oil in accordance with an ancient technology, second floor: plated parquet. Bright colorful solution for finishing corresponds to saturated colors of woodwork and furniture, while also combining with the deep color of oil-impregnated clay floor. Walls and ceilings are finished with natural lime plaster and rubbed with soap stones, while molded decorations are painted with reversive lime-water paint. The mansion is comprised of the following: 3 bedrooms, 5 restrooms, 4 walk-in wardrobes, hall, living-room with fireplace, dining-room, kitchen, library, hamam, massage room, billiards room, cinema, fitness room, laundry room, refrigerator-and-storage room, auxiliary premises.


3 d place


Alexey Bochkov