Interiors of public areas of the Business Center NeoGeo - Евразийская Премия
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Interiors of public areas of the Business Center NeoGeo

The main issue for interior was to implement public areas and trade gallery, which should unite all the 8 atriums and lobby. Entrance spaces are strict and gentle, but atriums show us landscape-park design typology with very functional scenarios. At the same time we provided many business areas and meeting hubs, some of them – like informal meeting zones – are bright color accents with many greenery solutions.
The main idea was to build a real city street and a real city park inside the interior. Using this approach we were able to cancel the regular office design and to combine different functions in one interior. All lounge areas are unique and unrepeatable. Some atriums are devoted to active facilities: they filled with installations of athletes. Some atriums are devoted to relaxing atmosphere, where one can have a break between plants and lianas, getting down from the ceiling – this is meditative and contemplative area.
This diversity of styles is also needed because of additional functions of atriums: lounge areas are combined with exhibition spaces and meeting rooms, located on the wooden platforms. There are also acoustic seating groups with individual lightning scenarios. At least we have special feeling of being abstracted from noise and rhythm, but the general atmosphere allows to be more concentrated at least. This design is perfect for young and stirring people, who can be both effective and informal.
Some atriums are located far from main business entrance. Their interior is more green and ecological. This space was created for getting the maximum from nature energy. We implemented 2-level café hub here: it looks like a small country house inside the forest of lianas and plants. Design touch was finished with colored swings.


3 d place


Truhanov Sergey, Abasheva Anastasia, Voevodina Polina, Zobova Elena, Parfeneva Julia, Cherednikova Olga, Prokopieva Ksenia


Т+Т Architects