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Office Neftegazmontazhavtomatica company

In the Urals and Western Siberia Neftegazmontazhavtomatica (NGMA) is one of the largest companies in the field of manufacturing of factory monitoring and control automation system.
Because of the moving the headquarter from Nizhnevartovsk to Yekaterinburg a new office was designed. The office space interior had to be created respectable and powerful, but comfortable for office workers. The office design centre is a spacious conference room, it isll separated with a wall from the chief officer’s office. A large two-meter sea life aquarium, built up in the wall, is a decorative element of the both chief officer’s office and conference room.
The main working space for 20 employees is designed as an open space. It is divided up from lunch area and recreational area with the openworked partition made of painted MDF. There are also several offices, divided with glass walls.
The company’s field of work, automatics for oil and gas extraction, have an impact on the choice of design materials. Concrete, transparent and black glass and metal became the dominant materials. Wood was used for decoration in several areas: the entrance area, one of the kitchen walls, the wall near the sanitary facility.
Restricted colour palette is based on the combination of contrastiong black and light-grey colours, the third soothing colour is brown, the colour of wood. Black colour, welded furniture details, all these design decisions are associated with oil and gas field, field of construction.
Triangle was chosen as a main decorative element, because this shape is a part of company’s logo. The furniture made to project author sketches is decorated with triangle pattern; in the chief’s office the cabinets’ decoration is made with milling technic. The same geometric pattern is repeated in the openwork partition, separated the open space and in the frame of the chairs, which were made with welding technic, and in the suspended lamps design.


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