Multi-apartment complex in Kazan - Евразийская Премия
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Multi-apartment complex in Kazan

Multi-apartment complex with public spaces and parking is designed as 8 separate sections on a mutual stylobate. In this stylobate there are commercial rooms, a short stay kindergarten and parking. The basis for the planning decision of the building is the principle of separation public and private areas. The complex is a group of multi-storey residential sections from 7 to 20 floors, located on a single-story stylobate. On the ground floor (in an enclosed stylobate) there are public spaces, premises for engineering systems, entrances of residential sections and a covered parking. There are also exposed parking places and urban development of public zones around the complex that located on rental city territories. On the multipurpose flat roofing of the stylobate there are recreations for adults and children’s playgrounds that provide normative state requirements for people living in the complex. This urban method that separates public and private zones responds modern requests of formation of stable and comfortable urban environment. At the same time, the location of residential sections provides optimal insolation. In residential sections there are business-class apartments with variety of areas from 29 to 115 sq. The average area of apartments is 65 sq. The project of the complex is going to be realizes in a contemporary style. The general solution of arranging different multy-storey residential sections located in one block creates the impression of a diverse urban environment inherent in Kazan. Wherein all volumes are strictly subordinate to each other within the block. There is a precise regularity of the color solution. Two contrasting colors are chosen — dark and light. The stylobate part highlighted in dark color passes on smoothly with its color to staged 15 and 7-storey sections. The high 25-storey sections are made in white, contrasting discharging the dense statement of lower sections. All the value methods of classical architecture are reflected in composite and graphic solutions used during the creation of the facades. Despite all rigor and laconism of the construction of the project, there is a variety of spatial, space-planning, composite and color solutions. Their complex makes the perception of the object as bright memorable and positive as possible.

Exterior finishing
It is planned to perform facades with panoramic windows. In loggias there are special places for air conditions equipment. The decoration is planned to be made of composite panels.

Urban development
Integration into the environment and friendly perception at the scale level person are important components of the residential complex that responds modern and relevant requests.
The project provides for a clear functional zoning where public zones and the territory of the inner courtyard are separate. In the courtyard there is a children’s zone, a sports zone, an adult leisure zone. There are exposed parking places outside the courtyard. The use of gardening of flat roofs creates a sort of an oasis in urbanized modern environment. Entrances to the stylobate parking for visitors and staff are located in the eastern side of the complex. There are also recreation areas for adults and children of preschool and primary school age landscaping with lawns, flower beds, shrubs and small trees. Because of the neighborhood of Kazanka river embankment, sports centers such as Palace of Combats Ak-Bars, Palace of Water Sports, Ice Palace Tat-Neft-Arena – the project provides the integration of infrastructure elements (landscaping, sports and playgrounds, parking) with territories of municipal buildings and recreations.


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Sergey Michurin, Natalya Nosova, Peter Vasilyev, Ekaterina Kapatun