Residential complex the Mostman - Евразийская Премия
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Residential complex the Mostman

The project is a seven-story residential building (class A) with public spaces in the ground floor.
The main facade, facing Andronievskaya st. has entrances to the ground floor public spaces and an entrance to the underground two level parking. The main entrance to the residential part of the building is from Bibliotechnaya st. and is leading through the internal courtyard. A small space, insulated along the perimeter by the fence is divided into functional areas: a recreation for adults and a children’s playground.

Space-planning solutions.
The corner location of the building on the site shapes a wholesome block that was historically formed in this territory. The main facade sections scales with elements of historic buildings of the surrounding neighborhood. So the horizontal articulation contextually emphasizes and continues the lines of elevation marks of nearby buildings 11/5 and 11/13 on the Andronievskaya st. and vertical articulation determines the architectural rigor of the building proportions. The number of floors in the project is seven. The height of the building does not exceed the established state height regulation in 26.5 meters for this territory. The ground floor is lower than planning mark of the ground by 300 mm. The height of the ground floor is 4.5 meters, the height of residential floors is 3.5 meter. The inability to follow insolation regulatory values of the first three residential floors along the Bibliotechnaya st. determined the volumetric-spatial solution of this part of the building. The volume of residential floors was raised above the ground and placed on column-legs. That allows forming a developed entrance and increases the space of the internal courtyard. On the ground floor there are rooms with free planning without a specific technology and group of premises for a short stay kindergarten for 20 children. Also on the first floor there is a large entrance of the residential part of the building with a recreational zone and a concierge and security spot. Underground there are two levels of parking for 77 cars. This amount provides state regulation requirements together for residential and public parts of the building. The planning type of residential floors is a corridor one with an elevator hall in the middle and fireproof staircases on both sides of the corridor. On the 2nd and 3rd floors there are 6 apartments, and there are 9 apartments on every other floor from 4th to 7th. The amount and the size of apartments are designed according to the developer’s demands. The structural scheme of the building is a monolithic reinforced concrete frame and ceramic blocks filling.

Exterior finishing
Composition solutions of facades are formed considering application of modern building technologies and finishing materials. The decoration of the building consists of natural stone, composite panels, aluminum systems for windows and stained-glass windows. Decorative fencing of French balconies is made of perforated metal plate, fencing of the courtyard and gates are forged.


2 nd place


Sergey Michurin, Peter Vasilyev, Catherine Kapatun, Natalya Nosova