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Reconstruction and renovation of the territory of factory

The plot of 0.8 hectares is located in the Sokol district of Moscow, one of the most interesting historical areas in Moscow, where absolutely different types of urban development are neighbors: from wooden cottages to grand high-rise residential complex of buildings.
The architectural appearance of the designed complex of buildings was based on several causes and images, inspired not only by contemporary tendencies in architecture, but also by the traditional building of the historic district of Moscow. A five-minute drive from the plot is the historical village of artists «Sokol» – an island of calmness surrounded by a modern metropolis, where there is a special creative climate, an intelligent and respectable atmosphere of old dachas.
Two-story buildings, the use of natural materials, mainly brick and wood, high pitched roofs – all this also makes it possible to make reference to the traditional Dutch architecture in its nowaday interpretation. So, one of the principles of reconstruction was the creation of attic floors with different shapes, slope of the roof slopes and high narrow windows.
The complex consists of 5 buildings, in which are located one- and two-level apartments, restaurants, workshops, showrooms.
According to the architecturally-planning concept, a solution of the interiors of the loft-style buildings was adopted, which assumes a maximum free planning with a thoughtful functional zoning, the use of materials such as bricks, wood and metal in the decoration, as well as the involvement of structural elements and engineering communications in the creation of the interior space.


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Truhanov Sergey, Brovkin Alexander, Repina Daria, Shishkov Daniel, Oklander Elena, Fedorova Natalia, Struzhkin Anton, Kupriyanov Vladimir


Т+Т Architects