The apartment complex REFORM - Евразийская Премия
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The apartment complex REFORM

The reconstructed house is located in Moscow, Preobrazhenskoe district, Khromova St. on the place of the existing 5-storey unfinished building. The site is bordered by Khromova St. from North, Malaya Cherkizovskaya St. from East, a complex of office buildings from the West and South. The border of reconstructed house repeats the outline of existing unfinished building with an increment of the area in the corners and in the center.
The entrance to the first floors of the building comes from the stylobate part, where underground parking is located. The house is designed with 10 floors. The function of the building is a hotel and office complex. Overall dimensions of the L-shaped house plan are 75.95 m x 61.8 m. The architecture of the house is based on the collaboration of five different principles of the facade:
1. The first type is a red-brown brick façade that has small windows and small balconies for placement of air conditioners on them. The balconies arranged in staggered rows in such a way for every hotel room to have at least one balcony. Staggered rows of balconies are emphasized by narrow vertical inserts of linear metal bars that contrast to the main color of the facade.
2. The second type repeats the principles of formation of the first type, red-brown brick is replaced by dark gray, and metal inserts by red-brown brick inserts. The facade has small window and small balconies for placement air conditioners on them. The balconies arranged in staggered rows in such a way for every hotel room to have at least one balcony.
3. The third type of facade is the contrast element of the console- overhanging loggias of 9th and 10th floors. The upper floors apartments have better views so there are panoramic windows there. The loggias arranged in staggered rows with pulled out volume of loggias and pushed in volume of balcony niches.
4. The fourth type of facade appears from the sixth floor and represents a structure of pulled out and pushed in cubic volumes. This facade solutions look like an extra space for the apartment plans. Cubic volume has three meters width. That allows using this volume to the limit.
5. The fifth type of building volume formation is dictated by insolation conditions of this building area. That is why eastern facade from the 6th floor shifts gradually into the building and forms a system terraced cubic volumes. This cubes support a common staggered rows motive of the facade. Apartment terrace areas have panoramic windows and an access to the multipurpose flat roofing.


2 nd place


Sergei Michurin, Peter Vasilyev, Ekaterina Kapatun